LeakMaster PUL Adult Diaper Pants Small

LeakMaster PUL Adult Diaper Pants  Small Price: $24.95

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Product Description

The LeakMaster Poly Urethane Laminate (PUL) adult diaper pant is sure to become the new standard for adult incontinence pants. PUL material has become the standard for infant diaper covers over the past few years and it is about time we started seeing this wonderful material in adult products. The material is remarkably soft and pliable yet durable for quiet, comfortable long lasting use. On like vinyl, PUL is breathable which means air can move through the material while keeping moisture in. This means less heat buildup as compared to vinyl. Thus this pant will be more comfortable and less likely to contribute to skin irritation or rash.

Made to be used over all kinds of adult cloth diapers it is also well suited to be worn over adult disposable products. However the fit is very roomy so you may want to order one size down if your disposable or cloth diaper or brief is trim compared to a full size thick cloth diaper.

This PUL material is more durable than vinyl and can be washed and dried at standard temperatures. Although the price is higher for these pants, they will last 2-3 times longer than vinyl pants and thus they are a great value. The LeakMaster PUL Pants have fully enclosed leg and waist bands. This means the elastic never comes in contact with your sensitive skin. The thick, wide leg and waistbands also make for a more snug, secure and comfortable fit. These pants are full cut with extra room in the crotch and hip to accommodate thick cloth diapers when necessary. These incontinence pants have a standard rise at the waist and are not the extended waist style like the LeakMaster Deluxe style.

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